Montblanc Fountain Pen

by Permilla Staff on February 13, 2010

Now tell me if there is anything more beautiful than this, the montblanc fountain pen…

Ok, before you give up on me, hear me out; in fact, I’m pretty sure you will walk away after reading this short post convinced of the grandeur of the Montblanc pens.  If not, then you’ll most likely be better educated about fountain pens in general.  There are two sites to which this article refers, and both will most likely fill in all the additional information you seek beyond that which is presented here.
Meisterstuck Montblanc Fountain Pen

I realize the picture above does not quite do it justice; to see and experience its real beauty, you will have to hold one, and use one, in person.  Believe it or not, the fountain pen above is simply the base model, and Montblanc has several specialty fountain pens that build upon their tried and true Meisterstuck fountain pen, which shown in the picture above.

Montblanc is a German company with a penchant for engineering.  Indeed, their entire product line is a product of creative (and practical) design, and meticulous engineering.  Montblanc favors artisan class production, even though its throughput cannot match that of a mass production setup.  And frankly, I believe they would rather have it that way.  After all, the Montblanc is more like a BMW M or a Mercedes AMG than a Hyundai compact car.  It is a matter of style and quality over mass quantity.

Montblanc pens, and in particular the Montblanc Fountain Pen, have been a staple in boardroom meetings, summits, mergers and acquisition signings and even armistice and surrender ceremonies.  The pens themselves lend an air of credibility and importance, all at once, and when you first pick one up and begin to write with them, it becomes evident that this is no ordinary pen.  Like any fine machine, this writing instrument itself commands respect, and it even weighs appropriately so, reminding you that what you have in your hands is not some ordinary pen.  It is an instrument that will convey your intentions, and through its ink, commit your word.

There is simply no way I can give the Montblanc pens the coverage they deserve in this small blog post of mine, so I suggest a quick visit to the Montblanc company site, where you can read about their history, view their product lines and see for yourself how Montblanc was able to turn something as simple as the pen into a writing instrument worthy of being called a work of art.  In particular, check out the Boheme Precious Metals and Diamonds Fountain Pen.  Now tell me that isn’t art in the palm of your hands.

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