Joe Stack

by on February 18, 2010

So who is this guy, Joe Stack?  His full name is Joseph Andrew Stack, and despite being noted as being a Texan, Joe Stack has spent time all over the United States, from the East during his college days to the West Coast in the 1980s to the middle of it all, Austin Texas today.

Joe Stack is the man responsible for the plane crash Austin.  Evidently, Joe Stack, who owns the web site, posted his list of grievances before he burned his own home and ultimately crashed his plane in Austin, into a building housing the IRS.

The Stack Manifesto, if you can call it that, is multi page account of Joe Stack’s progressive disillusionment with the institutions of this country and the way private enterprises are manipulating the system including, and up to the government itself in order to benefit their own firms, at the expense of the common Joe, no pun intended.

Few will see the logic in Joe’s manifestation of his frustration with his country, its government and its co-conspirators in what Joe sees as the subjugation of its citizens; however, many can relate to the actual grievances itself.  Section 1706 of the 1986 Tax Reform Act is an affront to many individuals and to this day, many maintain that its existence is criminal, a concoction of the IRS with the help of the evil, now defunct accounting firm, Arthur Andersen.


Texas Plane Crash

by on February 18, 2010

Earlier today, a small plane crashed into an office building in Austin, Texas.  Reports are that an Internal Revenue Service office was located in that building.  Austin officials have noted that the crash is not terror related, not that too many people care about the IRS.

Word is that two people have been sent to the hospital and one person is still missing, according to authorities. The same authorities declined to comment on the pilot. The Wall Street Journal has learned that a Texan named Joseph Stack made an Internet posting that indicated that he was responsible for the crash.  This same man allegedly set fire to his own home before lighting up the IRS.  The six-page suicide note rambled against the IRS, calling the hated organization “Mr. Big Brother IRS Man.”

The plane hit the second floor of a seven floor building about 10 AM local time, and blew up into flames upon impact, taking out the facility as employees jumped out windows to escape.  The attacker, Mr. Stack leaves behind a wife and stepdaughter.  Both survived the burning home.

CNN Anchor Rick Sanchez read Stack’s suicide note shortly after the crash was reported. In the suicide note, Stack documents numerous years of back-and-forth with the IRS stemming from a year in which he says he didn’t earn any money and thus filed no tax return. Evidently, the IRS decided he was hiding income and fined him.

Another disaster in which the IRS may ultimately be culpable.  Despite numerous efforts to reform that group, it appears they’re still pushing humans over the brink.



Tiger Woods Statement

by on February 18, 2010

It appears that The Tiger, yes, the womanizing golf man, has been spotted running around.  Well, he can run, but he can’t hide, and it appears that his three month disappearing act is about to come to an end.

Looks like Tiger is scheduled to emerge from his self imposed exile tomorrow, and publicly apologize for his incredible womanizing streak, philandering, whatever you want to call it.  Following the mea culpa, it is expected that he will announce his return to golf.

Duh.  Golf and women are about the only two things Tiger knows, with money a very close third of course.  Question: what are the two thing that golf and women have in common?  Ok, forget Tiger for the moment.  The answer is money.  Golf is expensive.  So are women.  But in Tiger’s case, he seems to be as comfortable with the expensive for-hire versions as he is with the freebie, you’re-lucky-to-be-hooked-up-with-tiger variant.

So, with Tiger evidently giving up on hoochie mamas, his attention will now turn to his pursuit of money.  So many sponsors have bailed out on him, including the notorious Accenture pseudo-consulting, Bermuda-Tax-Haven-Based company, that he needs to get rolling now before more money opportunities are lost.

Let’s see what it is like when he first gets back on the green.  And how many new Tiger/Golf/Cheater/Hooker jokes will we be hearing from the hecklers.  Should be interesting.



Montblanc Fountain Pen

by Permilla Staff on February 13, 2010

Now tell me if there is anything more beautiful than this, the montblanc fountain pen…

Ok, before you give up on me, hear me out; in fact, I’m pretty sure you will walk away after reading this short post convinced of the grandeur of the Montblanc pens.  If not, then you’ll most likely be better educated about fountain pens in general.  There are two sites to which this article refers, and both will most likely fill in all the additional information you seek beyond that which is presented here.
Meisterstuck Montblanc Fountain Pen

I realize the picture above does not quite do it justice; to see and experience its real beauty, you will have to hold one, and use one, in person.  Believe it or not, the fountain pen above is simply the base model, and Montblanc has several specialty fountain pens that build upon their tried and true Meisterstuck fountain pen, which shown in the picture above.

Montblanc is a German company with a penchant for engineering.  Indeed, their entire product line is a product of creative (and practical) design, and meticulous engineering.  Montblanc favors artisan class production, even though its throughput cannot match that of a mass production setup.  And frankly, I believe they would rather have it that way.  After all, the Montblanc is more like a BMW M or a Mercedes AMG than a Hyundai compact car.  It is a matter of style and quality over mass quantity.

Montblanc pens, and in particular the Montblanc Fountain Pen, have been a staple in boardroom meetings, summits, mergers and acquisition signings and even armistice and surrender ceremonies.  The pens themselves lend an air of credibility and importance, all at once, and when you first pick one up and begin to write with them, it becomes evident that this is no ordinary pen.  Like any fine machine, this writing instrument itself commands respect, and it even weighs appropriately so, reminding you that what you have in your hands is not some ordinary pen.  It is an instrument that will convey your intentions, and through its ink, commit your word.

There is simply no way I can give the Montblanc pens the coverage they deserve in this small blog post of mine, so I suggest a quick visit to the Montblanc company site, where you can read about their history, view their product lines and see for yourself how Montblanc was able to turn something as simple as the pen into a writing instrument worthy of being called a work of art.  In particular, check out the Boheme Precious Metals and Diamonds Fountain Pen.  Now tell me that isn’t art in the palm of your hands.

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The South African sports ministry declared that runner Caster Semenya will keep her 800 meter gold medal from the world championships.  In addition, the results from her gender tests will not be released.  A little late for that.

The ministry also disclosed that the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) will allow the 18 year old Semenya to keep the prize money.

The sports ministry explained that “whatever scientific tests were conducted legally within the IAAF regulations will be treated as a confidential matter between patient and doctor.”  This means no one will definitively know the truth, though the information leak which happened when the tests first started pretty much paints the whole picture even if the officials refuse to acknowledge anything. The sports ministry is urging “all South Africans and other people to respect this professional ethical and moral way of doing things.”

Unfortunately, this is of no comfort to the female athletes who have been training their hearts out, only to be surprised by an unknown South African runner at the world championships.  Some maintain that Semenya should not be allowed to run in any women’s events again.

The IAAF has publicly said the gender tests have not yet been completed. The body was planning on announcing its findings Friday, but alas, that’s not to be.

Prior to the 800 meter finals in Berlin, the IAAF ordered gender tests on Semenya, owing to her muscular build and unnatural improvement in times. Understandably, South Africa was outraged, and accused the IAAF of violating her privacy. South African track officials were castigated for failing to protect her. 

No matter how the Semenya case turns out, the question is now out in the open.  Should a hermaphrodite be allowed to compete against women?


Senator Reid’s New Taxes

by on November 19, 2009

In order to pay for his vision of Health Care Reform, if you can even call it that, senator Reid is championing several new taxes, and that may not sit well with many.  First, he intends for the government to levy a 40 percent tax on the value of insurance exceeding $8,500 for individual coverage and $23,000 for family coverage.

Economists argue that the tax could slow the growth of health spending by having the unintended consequence of employers paring back health benefits. Labor unions unsurprisingly oppose the tax, arguing that it would impact many workers who have passed on wage increases in exchange for added health benefits.

Senator Reid is also proposing an increase in the Medicare payroll tax.  Currently, employers and employees each pay a tax equal to 1.45 percent of wages. Under Mr. Reid’s plan, there will be an increase in the rate to 1.95 percent for individuals, if the individual earns more than $200,000 annually.  Couples are on the hook if in aggregate, they bring home over $250,000 annually. The employers escape unscathed, as the tax on them would be unchanged.

The democrats claim that the payroll tax increase would raise $54 billion over 10 years. Unlike the Senate’s version, the House bill plans on seeking additional new revenue by taxing the high-income people. Anything exceeding $500,000 for individuals, or $1 million for couples would be taxed at 5.4 percent under the House plan.

Senator Reid’s bill also plans to extract revenue by levying annual fees on health insurance companies, as well as pharmaceutical manufacturers. Senator Reid plans to impose fees of $2 billion annually.


Nancy Pelosi had her show, and now it is Harry Reid’s turn.  The majority leader from Nevada seeks to impose new regulations on insurers and provide coverage to 31 million people who currently are without health insurance.  New benefits are also to be added to Medicare.  What does this all mean for us?

Before we explore that, we need to understand that this bill’s price tag is north of $840 billion over ten years.  Early estimates are that it would reduce budget deficits by $130 billion over a decade if assumptions about new taxes and fees exceeding costs are to be believed.  Reductions in the growth of Medicare is also assumed.  Any time we count on new revenue to cover new cost, there will be considerable risk.

Senator Reid is seeking the votes of all 58 Democratic senators, as well as two independents who side with the Democrats.  So far, it seems like everything is a go.  But not so fast, say the Republicans, who have vowed to fight the legislation at every turn.  Republicans will not accept an increase in the size of government to go along with increased taxes.  Republican senator Orrin Hatch of Utah hints at what’s coming by stating “It’s going to be a holy war.”